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PCL Sand Making Machinecrushers.

Brief Introduction

PCL sand making machine is also called as PCL vertical shaft impact crusher. It is applicable to crushing and shaping for soft or medium-hard or extremely-hard materials and is widely applied in fine crushing and raw grinding operation for each kind of minerals, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinkers, carborundum, raw material of glass, artificial sands for building, building aggregates, artificial sands and each kind of metallurgical slag. And has higher yield efficiency especially on silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite and other high hard, ultra-hard and erosive-resistant materials than other types of crushers.

In engineering field, it is an ideal production equipment for making artificial sands, cushion materials, asphalt concretes and cement concrete aggregates and is a special equipment to produce building sands and stone materials. Sandy granularity is even and compressive strength is high; it is more in accordance with requirements of high standard buildings compared with natural sands and the sands produced by hammer crushers;

In the mining field, PCL sand making machine is widely applied in the anterior technics of grinding. It can produce plenty of pulverized ores and decrease the high-cost grinding load. Because of its excellent low wear feature, sand making machine is also adopted by high abrasive and secondary disintegration and crushing

PCL-Sand-Making-Machine PCL-Sand-Making-Machine

production. Furthermore, because of its free pollution on products, sand making machine can be well applicable to production of glass quartz sand and other high-purity of material.

For the scope of production capacity at 10-500t/h, sand making machine can almost meet requirements of any production. Especially for medium-hard, ultra-hard and erosive material such as silicon carbide, carbon silicide, sintered bauxite and magnesite etc; it has higher excellence compared with other types of crushers. Supported by hydraulic protection and jaw crusher, it can process each kind of metallurgical slag. It is more applicable to building sand and sandstone for road building and has already become the main device in sand-making industry through substituting traditional devices such as hammer crusher, double-roll crusher and rod mill.

Working principle

It can be simply explained as the principle of Using stone to hit stone. Material enters crusher from feed hopper and is divide into two parts through material distributor: some of them enters the impeller rotating at high speed from the middle of material distributor and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, its accelerating speed can reach several hundred times of gravitational acceleration; under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it is then ejected from three evenly distributed flow passages of the impeller at speed of 60-70 m/s.

Firstly, it is hit and crushed at high speed with some material freely dropping around material distributor; then all of them are impacted onto material lining in vortex cavity and are rebounded by material lining, and obliquely impacted upward onto top part of whirling cavity. Its movement direction is then changed to make it move downward. Material ejected from flow passage of the impeller forms continuous material curtain, which is pounded, fractioned and grinded and crushed for two times to many times in swirling crushing cavity, to form closed multiple circulation. Sieving machine controls it to reach required granularity of finished goods. Crushed material is discharged from discharge opening at lower part. It forms closed circuit together with circulatory screening system. It normally takes three times of circulation to crush material into below 20 meshes.

During whole crushing process, material is self-pounded and crushed each other, it is not directly contacted with metal parts, but is pounded and fractioned with material lining and then crushed, which decreases angular pollution and prolongs mechanical wear-in-time. Elaborate self circulation of air flow in whirling cavity eliminates dust pollution.

Performance and features

1. Simple and reasonable structure and low operation cost;

2. Have function such as secondary crushing and primary grinding small energy consumption, high output and high crushing rate.

3. Small size of equipment, little friction of impeller self-lining, simple and convenient operation, convenient installation and operation.

4. The influence of water content is very small; moisture content can reach about 8%.

5. Have function of shaping; product is in cubic shape, with big stacking density and very little iron pollution.

6. More applicable to crushing medium-hard and ultra hard material.

7. Small quantity of easy wear part is made of ultra-hard wear-resistant material, which has small size, light weight, facilitating replacing parts.

8. Operating noise is lower than 75db (db grade), with little dust pollution.

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